Howlin’ T-Wolf

From the Howlin’ T-Wolf About Page,

“Originally founded in 2009, Howlin’ T-Wolf has transitioned itself through many ups-and-downs as a basketball blog.

Howlin’ T-Wolf is well on its way to becoming one of the top Timberwolves blogs on the web. Our mission here is to give you, Wolves fans, the best entertainment a blog can offer all while presenting it with pristine journalism. I take my work very seriously, and even at a young age, I want to give readers credible and enjoyable reading material, and so I will deliver.”

– Jonah Steinmeyer

Howlin’ T-Wolf is a former member of ESPN’s TrueHoop Network. There are a total of five contributing authors, including myself. There’s a snarky-ish, personal feel to the blog, aimed to earn reader’s laughs while also educating them on the game of basketball as it pertains to the beloved Minnesota Timberwolves. Here are shortcuts to content I’ve published at HTW.


News and Rumors

Game Recaps


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