Hickory-High is a member of USA TODAY’s Sports Digital Properties. Composed of 20 contributors, there is new content produced on a daily basis. Here’s some context from the site’s Editor in-Chief.

September 24, 2013 Hickory-High is entering its fourth full season of NBA coverage and over that time we’ve undergone considerable change, slowly morphing from a digital dumping ground from my mostly illegible thoughts about basketball to a full-fledged website with a staff of over fifteen writers. The tagline for the site has always been “Basketball Numerica and Esoterica” and we’ll continue to try and hit that along, with everything in between. We have lots of new faces this season and some exciting new projects lined up, including some new ways to get you, the readers, engaged and involved. Hopefully, you’ll be back regularly and enjoy what you find. If you do, make sure to let us know. If you don’t, also make sure to let us know.

– Ian Levy

Hickory-High is a blog that covers the NBA from many angles, but earned it’s reputation as a statistical hub for basketball-analytics. Hence the Numerica and Esoterica.



This link will bring you to the 2014 postseason previews.

Rants, References and Revelations was an individual feature designed to drive traffic towards content we as a site felt was deserving of recognition. It’s original, like nothing you will find on this wordpress. Click here to read the Rants, References, and Revelations. 



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