Words about Basketball, Written by Other People

It’s our duty to bring you the latest, most accurate, or at least the most interesting coverage of the Minnesota Timberwolves, as well as the rest of the NBA, as best we can. However, we can only do so much while we’re in the studio — so — here’s some bonus Wolves coverage from AROUND THE INTERWEBS. Let’s get started.

First, it’s theDISS. We’re big proprietors of what theDISS does, and have said so in the past, but if you’re unfamiliar with the work of Jacob Greenberg and Kevin Draper — take some time familiarize yourself with their work.

I won’t beat the proverbial dead horse on this one; not long ago a Minnesota State Representative made some questionable comments regarding the National Basketball Association. Draper was all over the story like a bad rash. He emailed the aforementioned representative (who I’m not referring to by name on purpose, for effect) trying to find the meaning behind a such a controversial statement made the politician, one that was elected by our fellow Minnesotans. Minnesota State House of Representatives Member Tweets Something Racist About Basketball; Doesn’t Claim He Was Hacked

Like using the word “thug”, talking about NBA players as criminals, delinquents, drug addicts etc. has long been a coded way of really saying those things about blacks, as 80% of the NBA is black, by far the highest percentage of any major American sport. By tweeting that if basketball players (read: black people) didn’t have a job playing basketball the crime rate would go up, Garofalo is saying that black people—all 41 million of them—are criminals.

Read Draper’s piece in it’s entirety by clicking this link.

Now, here’s Greenberg — and hey — look at that; he’s written something about the Wolves. Despite living in California, Greenberg has a soft spot for our favorite basketball club. Geared less toward this year’s team, and focusing on how things were previously assembled — Their Best-Laid Plans, Now Staring Back at You refers back to David Kahn as reason for the Wolves struggles this season.

I have always held a strange fascination for David Kahn, the former general manager of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the man whom most Wolves fans label as the “scapegoat” for their team’s struggles over the last several seasons. As a writer-turned-lawyer-turned-sports-executive-turned-NBA-blogger-punchline, there are few resumes as interesting as Kahn’s. Very few people are able to convince so many rich white men to hire them to run their shows, and in that regard, Kahn is one of the finer traveling salesmen in this fine country. But that’s only one reason why Kahn fascinates me.

Read Greenberg’s piece in it’s entirety by clicking this link. (Thanks for letting us use the picture, Jacob. [[Even though I didn’t ask]]. Also, Greenberg participated in Hickory-High’s “Boogie Week”. Boogie Week was extensive coverage of the Sacramento Kings center; DeMarcus Cousins. Bias and affiliation aside, everyone that participated in this week provided a vast array of input about such a complex player. Greenberg’s take on Cousins (aka Boogie) was a fantastic way to cap off #BoogieWeek).

Yet, when I watch DeMarcus Cousins, this moment of relaxation never arrives. Whenever I watch Boogie, I find myself squirming uncomfortably in my seat, clearing my throat self-consciously.  When I see other players crash into his impressively-built body – a girthy specimen whose sheer size and mass reminds you less of an overland trucker, and more like a schoolyard bully, where size can be converted into a destructive payload more easily than not – and I witness his body language shift as ref’s whistles remain awkwardly silent, I become nervous for what surely is to come.

Check out another one of Greenberg’s pieces by clicking this link (Notice the sketch? Yea, I drew that!). I really really encourage you to check out all of Hickory-High’s Boogie Week content, it was a blast trying to keep up with it.

Now to more Wolves stuff. Friend of the Program, Derek James, wrote an interesting number over at Howlin’ T-Wolf about the Wolves attendance, or lack there of if we’re talking about games played at Target Center. The interesting part is this; opponents attendance in which the Wolves are the visiting team is great! But why not at home games? Reasons for the Timberwolves’ Variable Attendance Trends

Stumbling around the internet can lead you to some interesting places, especially on Basketball-Reference. While randomly looking at the roster of the 2009-’10 Timberwolves, I noticed they were 24th in attendance. Wait a minute. That is a few spots higher than this team and they’ve already won twice as many games as this team. So, I tracked it for the next few seasons and this is what I found.

Read James’ piece in it’s entirety by clicking this link.

It wouldn’t be an Around the Interwebs post without Steve McPherson, would it. This time, he talks about the Minnesota Timberwolves and their relationship with the viral mobile application, addictive video game that took much of the technological world by storm. Won’t take much time explaining this one. Flappy Bird, McPherson, Timberwolves, all in one place — For Timberwolves, ‘Bird’ is the word

“When I was playing,” he says, “I was getting close to my other high and once I finally beat it by 10 or something, then I was able to relax a little bit and just keep going. Once you’re past it, the pressure goes away. The pressure is in getting close.”

Just how far did Budinger sail past his previous career high? He nearly doubled it, finishing with an unfathomable 327 points.

In Flappy Bird.

Read McPherson’s piece in it’s entirety by clicking here. 

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