What We Didn’t Forget to Mention

In Episode 19 we talked about some of the news happening around the NBA. Here’s some of the work that we referred to during the show.

This piece is from friend of the show, Derek James of Hardwood Paroxysm, and it’s titled “Jason Collins’ Perfect Timing.”

There has been a lot said about Jason Collins’ first game since coming out as gay last April. Just look around and you’ll see just about everyone has already posted their opinion regarding last night and what it all means. This makes adding more to the conversation beyond the affirmative head nod a little difficult, but there is: timing.

When Collins gave us his revelation last April, the timing was a little curious. Collins’ contract was expiring and was also entering the free agent market at the age of 35, something that would make it difficult for many players to land a job. But there’s rarely a perfect time for moments like this and Collins eschewed concern for making his job hunt even more difficult. Collins understood the risk that came with making the announcement at this stage in his career, but it was a worthwhile gamble to not have to live his life in secrecy and be unabashedly himself. For Collins, the reception was mostly commended, as it should have been, but we wouldn’t be exactly sure yet how the NBA would respond to having an openly gay player until Collins or someone else actually played in a game.

Read the rest of James’ column by clicking here. 

Not sure if we referenced, “Kevin Love Wags the Dog,” on yesterday’s show, but seeing as we mention Britt Robson of MinnPost nearly every time we’re on the air — why not promote some of his work.

Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love is doing and saying all the right things. Belatedly, and for the moment, so is the Wolves’ management. Consequently, Wolves fans get to watch Love make a valiant, likely Byzantine, quest to lead his squad into the playoffs over the final seven weeks of the 2013-14 season. If you love basketball and live in Minnesota, this is good news indeed.

Love’s performance in Wednesday night’s win over Indiana at Target Center exceeded the bar of high expectations he has established during his six seasons in a Wolves uniform. Indiana allows the fewest points per game and per possession to indisputably rank as the best defensive team in the NBA. Aside from Love, Minnesota was minus its top two scorers in center Nikola Pekovic and swingman Kevin Martin. Thus, the Wolves’ lone All Star walked out on the court with Corey Brewer, Ronny Turiaf, Ricky Rubio and Chase Budinger, not exactly a murderer’s row of sharpshooters.

Read the rest of Robson’s, “Kevin Love Wags the Dog,” by clicking here.

Other notables (Thanks, ESPN)

After the show, before we broke the huddle *ducks*, we did mention our mutual enjoyment for Jacob Greenberg‘s weekly feature over at theDISS known as the Annotated Smartphone Bathroom Reader. So, here’s a plug for Greenberg’s most recent references.

Inside this most recent Bathroom Reader you’ll find Steve McPherson of A Wolf Among Wolves. You may recognize the site name because that’s where our very own Billy Bohl writes about our Timberwolves. Here’s a plug for McPherson’s bit, “Are the Wolves the Most Disappointing Team in NBA History?”

How bad a team is — in linear terms — is relatively easy to measure. The 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers are the sine qua non of awful by most standard measurements; their 9-73 win-loss record earned them the nickname the “Nine and 73ers” (which is pretty good, as far as nicknames go). But although their season was shortened by the lockout, the 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats were demonstrably worse than those Sixers with a winning percentage of .106 to Philly’s .110.

But Charlotte that year was awful by design. Whether or not you want to label it tanking, the roster was not built to win games, having lost its best players from the previous season in Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson and leaning heavily on Kemba Walker in his rookie year. So they were terrible, but were they disappointing?


Click here to read the rest of “Are the Wolves the Most Disappointing Team in NBA History?”




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