What Do You Guys Do Exactly?

Yes, the show is only once a week — but that doesn’t mean our hosts don’t sit at home and do nothing in between episodes. Here’s some recent coverage of the Wolves, in addition to some dunk videos compiled together before All-Star weekend. As much as we’d like to sit at home and do nothing all day, that’s just now how life works — enjoy.

From last night, the Wolves defeated the Phoenix Suns in an exciting game on the road. Billy Bohl recapped this one over at A Wolf Among Wolves, “Shabazzamatazz.”

It’s important for a professional sports team to have an identity, right?

Maybe that’s a tired cliche, pushed by sports media types looking to fill columns, game recaps and hours of airtime. After all, it seems like a funny concept: a group of individuals, well-compensated and competitive, sublimating their egos to the collective group, only to have the group assume an identity of its own. What function would it serve, other than a convenient talking point, a narrative driven by those outside the locker room?

Catchup on the most recent Timberwolves victory, as summarized by Bohl, by clicking here.

Yesterday on Episode 19 we discussed some of the injuries and how they’re affecting Rick Adelman’s rotation. Put it this way, I don’t think Billy is able to title the aforementioned recap, “Shabazzamatazz,” without some – unfortunate –  things happening in Shabazz Muhammad’s favor. That, however, is merely my opinion. Also from yesterday, I put together an injury update over at the TimberpupsBlog. 

Tonight, the Timberwolves are in Phoenix to take on the Suns for the third game on this a six game road trip. Still no sign of Nikola Pekovic or Kevin Martin, and Ronny Turiaf remains out indefinitely with a bruised right knee.

Before departing on this venture, Kevin Love’s Instagram account informed us that the Wolves resident Bruise Brother, Pekovic, would be returning sometime during this — pivotal — stretch of the season. Martin also remains sidelined with a broken left thumb, but saw a specialist in Los Angeles yesterday. After having things looked at Monday, as well as last Friday, @TWolves_PR has informed us that Martin is progressing well.

Read the rest of, “Wolves Injury Update,” by clicking here.

This one was fun. “The Isolation Blues” breaks down how well J.J. Barea is producing in possessions at the end of quarters. Here’s a spoiler: not very well.

There are many reasons why the Minnesota Timberwolves have underachieved thus far, leaving them mired six games out of the West’s final playoff spot, sporting a 25-28 record that doesn’t jive with their solid point differential. Some of the problems were expected – the Wolves struggle to generate stops late in close games, but they weren’t built to be a defensive juggernaut in the first place. Health has been a problem for both Kevin Martin and Nikola Pekovic – but a perusal of their injury histories indicates such a thing was likely to happen at some point in the season.

Read the rest of Bohl’s column, “Isolation Blues,” by clicking here.

All Star Weekend. 

The NBA All-Star Weekend has long since past, but here’s some coverage.

In preparation for the Dunk Contests, I threw together some of the best in-game dunks from the contestants up to that point during the season. You can find the original post at Hickory-High. (LOTS OF VIDEOS WITHIN)

Tonight will be the first time the NBA Slam Dunk Competition uses it’s new format to determine who will be considered the league’s best. In the competition’s opening round, contestants will have 90 seconds to complete as many dunks as they wish. This is followed by a Battle Round which will feature a dunker from each conference, a winner is selected — the loser, eliminated — after head-to-head dunk-off. The first team to win three battle rounds will be become champions.

Read the rest of, “Tonight’s Contestants,” by clicking here.  

Other recent recaps.

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