The Seven Stages of Rudy Gay: Shock Treatment

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

Last night Rudy Gay was traded from the Toronto Raptors to the Sacramento Kings and we here at Hickory-High are still trying to work through the intellectual and emotional confusion (I don’t just mean confusion about the trade but general confusion about Rudy Gay as a professional basketball player). Join us as we travel through The Seven Stages of Rudy Gay.

The initial shock of the Rudy Gay acquisition already hit the Sacramento Kings. Like any other instance of shock, the disease has started but remains local. Gay is now a King, and Hickory-High has taken the proper steps by frantically diagnosing and treating the underlying condition. His presence has started becoming symptomatic and the pulse – not of his heart, but rather of the Kings – will begin to rise.

Shock will eventually begin to create multi-organ failure/dysfunction. Each organ system suffers and often influences negatively the state of shock. If treatment of the shock’s cause is not successful or delayed, this condition may be a catastrophic, and often terminal.

Mike Malone is responsible for treating this new condition. The first year head coach must deal with any (hyper)tension that may begin occurring among players in the locker room. Malone may now appoint a floor-general to lead his Kings to battle, there is no more dispute in Sacramento about who should be the team’s starting point guard — Isaiah Thomas, come on down.

Noam Schiller explained Thomas was, and is, “the team’s best point guard, and it’s not particularly close.” Whether it was the intention of the front-office to place Thomas in a facilitating role, that’s what they’ve done. He’s got to be the surgeon that makes sure the body’s organs continue to function. Thomas will be responsible for making sure the bond between himself, Gay, Derrick Williams, DeMarcus Cousins, Marcus Thornton, Carl Landry and other transplants Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy all communicate and keep the body alive.

If the transplant of Gay begins to fail, deterioration to the microcirculation will enable systemic shock to worsens rapidly — if he becomes the infection in the locker room as he seems to have been in Toronto, this isn’t a bright future for the Kings. If inevitable organ failure becomes the diagnosis, young surgeon in his first year out of med school, Ray McCallum, may be called upon to operate.

This is a complicated operation for any organization but surgery with the proper tools and under capable supervision, death may be avoided.


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