Some More Plugs, of the Shameless Sort

Here is some work from Billy Bohl and I published within the previous few days.

Earlier this season, at A Wolf Among Wolves, Bohl introduced us to – what may be – the most unique and creative way to chart the location of where assists were made. Collecting Dimes: Kevin Love’s Assists. There, Bohl told us “Love’s relishing the opportunity to play with the most talented roster he’s been a part of since he arrived in Minnesota.” Well, can’t say I disagree. Before reading the following plug, become familiar with where Love Collects his Dimes.

Below, Bohl shows us that Love is still collecting dimes.

Lately, Love’s been more adept at passing out of the low block, especially when he’s playing center, which makes sense. Without Pekovic on the floor to patrol the paint, Love becomes a post-up threat. Even though he’s a skilled scorer in this spot on the court, he still looks for his teammates, whether it’s veering around him on hand-offs, or kicking the ball out to shooters.

Read the updated, ‘Dime Chart,’ by clicking this link. It’s nice to see Bohl’s work on the original Break the Huddle page again, but don’t ask me why. I just plug stuff.

Here, I plug myself. Don’t worry, there’s going to be less talking and more plugging. As you may remember from a recently plugged recap (from Bohl), Shabazz Muhammad’s performance during the fourth quarter against the Phoenix Suns was big in the Wolves’ most recent victory.

Over at Hickory-High, I wrote about the origins of the “Free Shabazz” movement.

Finally, on a warm February night in Phoenix, whilst still in the midst of a cold, Minnesota winter —  and albeit the Wolves future remains bleak — Shabazz Muhammad was finally let free.

Click here to read Finally Free. While we’re here, over at Saving the Skyhook (Part of the Fansided Network) I broke some NBA related news. 



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