Rants, References and Revelations: Running it Back

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

Rants, References and Revelations is a daily collection of some of our favorite basketball writing from around the internet. We do our best to feature not just the work of the semi-professionals, but writers you may not have heard of, writing for outlets you may have never seen.

(Note to Editor: I didn’t know that this would be a revival of a failed segment, now I feel there’s pressure)

Well, here we are again.

First, I’d like to share something different.

Yesterday I mentioned that something called “Basketball Twitter,” is a community. Well, I should have included a piece by Sam Fredable, where he talks with a few, familiar, members within the community we live in. Fredable doesn’t blog about basketball but he’s certainly a member of this community. Still confused? HereNBA Blogging: A Culture.

In recent news.

Ok, this one isn’t an article; it’s a “Woj Bomb.” Trade machine enthusiasts — have it all, today. Just leave the Portland Trail Blazers out of it — alright? 

Kevin Draper at TheDiss explained what type of role advanced statistics play in today’s media, and how they’ve affected the perception of Rudy Gay. Draper really does well with this one, TheDiss is always held to a high standard — the site is a personal favorite of mine. The cool, calm and collective way of explaining what most of us think the trade means for Gay is this;  “He hasn’t  played very well over the past couple of seasons, and most think he will remain playing poorly.” Read Draper’s piece here: At Least Advanced Stats Let Us Know Which Writers to Stop Paying Attention To

Speaking of the Blazers, their latest victim was the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nate Smith at Cavstheblog gave us the Good, Bad and Ugly of the Cavs home loss, but mentioned it was not only one of the better games they’ve played all season — but the best. Unfortunately for Cleveland, Damian Lillard is becoming really, really good. Read Smith’s piece here: Portland 119, Cleveland 116 (or the best game of the season was still a loss)

There’s some quality quotables in this next one. But not only does Craig Grialou of ArizonaSports.com give us plenty on what Goran Dragic thinks of the improvement from last season to this one. It’s always great to get some first-hand material, but Grialou caught me off guard by stating “Dragic is enjoying his best stretch of basketball as a Sun, even when counting his previous stint in the Valley.” Read Grialou’s piece here: Phoenix Suns’ Goran Dragic ‘just having fun’

ICYMI at Hickory-High, we’ve started coaches week. Look for more of that today. You can catch up on yesterday’s coaches pieces here: Profiles in Coaching

See you tomorrow.



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