Rants, References and Revelations: Running Behind

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

All this ranting and referencing is exhausting, I’m not hiding that from anyone. I’m a relatively inexperienced bloggist that isn’t a national writer for a reason, amateur is a status — I’m not the best writer in the world. Sharing the same platform with company capable of blowing my mind with each of their pieces, well, that’s implanted an element of stage fright and feeling of embarrassment anchored in my stomach whilst doing this routine piece. I volunteered to write this, I hope I will learn and grow from the experience. I believe that’s happening. Sorry you guys, and self, for not having anything up yesterday, I read a lot of nice things over the weekend.

Without further ado, here are today’s References.

The Denver Nuggets have won 10 of their last 20, 2 of their last 10, and ZERO of their previous FIVE games. This is David Walker of Roundball Mining with his version of the Nuggets Long Road to Nowhere.  The Nuggets lack of identity is merely a conflict of interest. There’s a coach with a system, the players don’t fit the system — it’s just not a good situation in Denver.

But the Nuggets road to nowhere is still somewhere to aspirations of a D-Leaguer. Adam Johnson describes the NBDL as The Land of Misfit Toys. The only visual that comes to mind is a scene in Toy Story when Woody needs to escape from that Space Arcade…

Moving on.

Johnson (A Bay Area Sports Guy) is the Santa Cruz Warriors beat writer, his Twitter bio says so. His story will captivate you into taking a larger interest into the NBA’s minor league system, I’m sure of it. Johnson didn’t need to sell me on the idea because the S.C. Warriors Broadcaster, Kevin Danna, got to me awhile ago. 

It’s become abundantly clear the Bay Area is under the influence of the D-League, and I’m excited to see it start somewhere. There are plenty of D-League pieces that will be referenced in the future, this will not be the last.

Not much of an effort today, I know, but this isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I do have a life outside of the internet, you know, sometimes that takes it’s toll. But I rant, rave and revelate on because what doesn’t kill me makes me– you get the picture.


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