Rants References and Revelations: Resolutions

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

The travel, and the stress, tied with Holiday appearances and exchanges is no longer. Life has returned back to it’s usual routines, the Christmas spirit dwindling away with the arrival of the New Year. After the “Ball Drops” and the excitement of celebration ceases, it’s back to the grind of a 9-5 or a return to class for most people. I’m speaking as an American, by the way.

The thrill of basketball’s return, you know, the giddy feelings of registering for synergy and league pass accounts? Those feelings are over. The Christmas present are open, the toy helicopter is broken — that extra cash from Grandma and Grandpa is running low. Things are approaching the NBA equivalent of a daily grind until the All Star Break.

Some make Resolutions for the New Year, others believe the idea to trendy and scoff at those hoping to change their own ethic. Regardless of your thoughts, trying to ‘grind’ through routine can take it’s toll — don’t harp on anyone planning – for now – productivity. Get better and learn something by working hard everyday.

Admittedly I’ve never covered the NBA for an entire season. To those who haven’t been following these promotional bits, I work in a mall, and a few of them actually. The month of December has been ruthless. I’ve missed obligations, deadlines, and not held true to my word on a few occasions. I’m hard on myself and consider these. I like being good at what I do, this is human nature. I’m not making any resolutions this year, but if that’s something that you’re doing — I’m sure I would stand behind it. Whatever it is just keep working hard.

Happy New Year from Hickory-High.

I’m not sinking my teeth into any, “who’s the best power forward,” discussions because Kevin Love is on the Minnesota Timberwolves and I’m plenty cool with that. None-the-less it’s been a discussion of late thanks to the dominance of Love and LaMarcus Aldridge. Andrew Lynch, who’s on a quest to watch every game of the entire basketball season, tackled the debate and decides the best PF in the game may also be the best player in the league today.

The Denver Nuggets have been nothing short of entertaining this year. Hickory-High’s own Matt Cianfrone, recapping the Nuggets loss on Wednesday at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers, had some things to say at Roundball Mining. I’ll admit the, “Anthony Randolph plays hard but man he is bad at basketball.”, part really sold me. With recent news of turmoil in the locker room that resulted in the suspension of Andre Miller, it’s beginning to look like a long season in Denver.

During the course of a journey it’s important to remember that cool heads prevail. Doing things impulsively, or by panic, isn’t what your parents teach you growing up. Kris Willis of Peachtree Hoops explains “Why the (Atlanta) Hawks should pump the breaks and not make any reactionary moves in the wake of Al Horford’s injury.”

I don’t get the chance to watch much of the Hawks, but I admire a healthy Horford’s versatility at the center position very much. Injuries are the worst, but, that’s a part of the game and there’s a lot of season to be played. Willis has collected himself and formulated a plan for the Hawks moving forward.

On the college level the season, and for some — careers, are coming to a close. The Creighton Blue Jays’ are celebrating the final days of Doug McDermott’s career. McDermott, and Author Jacob Padilla, are requesting Creighton fans make it out to support the team. 

When we’ve got the crowd going like that it just makes it so much easier to defend and just have so much energy out there.

Even the college basketball season is somewhat lengthy, so finding energy anyway possible in order to create an edge over opponent is key. For the McDermott and the Blue Jays, it’s the crowd that needs to push this team to it’s limits as it makes a push for the NCAA tournament.

No matter what it is you’re doing, work hard at it. Find ways to be happy about things in, and beyond, 2014. Optimism is not a choice, but rather a belief — keep your heads up. There’s a lot of basketball left to play.


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