Rants References and Revelations: Relativity

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

Rants, References and Revelations is a daily collection of some of our favorite basketball writing from around the internet. We do our best to feature not just the work of the semi-professionals, but writers you may not have heard of, writing for outlets you may have never seen.

Relativity – A state of dependence in which the existence or significance of one entity is solely dependent on that of another.

The funny part about relativity; it is what it eats. Defining something as relative is really only describing a point from one’s own perspective, the thought usually being farfetched or unique. Whether it’s a; website, blog, tumblr, or even a book (prelude to a promo) words will always be relative to an author’s thoughts.

Nothing is everything, and everything is something.

Writing is expression of thought and self, yet, comment sections and discussion platforms belittle the work of fellow writers. As the old saying goes, “everyone’s a critic.”

On many other websites, comment sections, for the most part, are full of negativity. Why? Nobody is sure exactly, but that’s not how things are at Hickory-High. A friend of mine pointed out that the comment sections around here are pretty bare, why do you think that is?

If you, as readers, feel like commenting — do so. I can only speak for myself, but, there aren’t a ton of bloggers I’ve met that don’t enjoy feedback, and even less that dislike discussion. A little friendly banter never heart anybody, right?

If there is anyone out that wants to share perspective, relative to how they see a point, do so without hesitation — we’re all friends here. I’ve posed a few questions at the bottom if you’re looking for topics that could be fun to discuss.

For those eager to scout the up-and-coming stars, this is a story that hints there may be a meeting between the #1 and #3 high school recruits in the nation.

Lots of times we find ourselves discussing trades, rumors, while also reacting to things that happen in the NBA. Kevin Draper of TheDiss broke down news that occurred within the blogosphere yesterday — HOOPSWORLD Shuts Down, Founder Launching New Venture.

Canada — This first reference goes out to a friend of the program, Alex Wong. I’m not so sure he’s a friend of this particular segment, but we featured him on the most recent roundtable, and you may have seen him lurking about Twitter. Recently, he’s been promoting his new book — you can preorder it here. 

Wong is a fan just like the rest of us, his story intends to share his experience as a sports fan moving from place to place, country to country while also educating us along the way. He’s an interesting character, to say the least, but definitely someone I’m glad I came into contact with.

Seriously, preorder his book.

New York — Sam Borden of the New York Times shows us, “The Basketball Players Guide to the (European) Galaxy” 

Broden’s read is really, really worth some time if you have 5-10 minutes today to drift outside of things pertaining to the NBA. Seeing how his piece was published prior to yesterday, we’ll stay back in time and in New York and focus on the New York Knicks.

Before the Knicks were done being demolished by the Indiana Pacers, Amar’e Stoudemire went down with an injury but X-Ray’s came back negative. Stoudemire’s story since leaving Phoenix hasn’t been a pleasant one to follow. Even if the Knickerbockers aren’t a favorite of yours, you’d have to be faint of heart to not enjoy the way “Amar’e” was playing lately.

Hickory-High’s own Rich Kraetsch claimed there was reason for optimism regarding Stoudemire’s near future, as did Kenny Ducey of WFUV.org. Ducey’s coverage of the Knicks, among many others, has been pretty incredible this season. This isn’t the first time Ducey’s been referred from here, his mix of realism-positivity is quite enjoyable. What’s different about these Knicks.

Hopefully these aren’t the last pieces written about Stoudemire doing good things, as a player, on the basketball court.

Minnesota Timberwolves Related (homer plug): Part One and Part Two of Britt Robson’s interview with Flip Saunders. 

If you want to see Jack Maloney breakdown this picture of Eric Spoelstra, Ray Allen, LeBron James, The First Lady, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, click this link.


Thoughts from the Thread: 

  • Something about Julius Randle and why the team that drafts him will be very unhappy.
  • Has this season not been very good? Kevin Ferrigan asked if we were not entertained earlier this year, but Andy Liu has an even bolder claim later today.
  • What are your thoughts about expanding the D-League?
  • What are your thoughts about sleeved jerseys?
  • Thoughts on tanking?
  • Comment, don’t argue — keep it clean, people. Intelligent conversation is the goal, here.

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