Rants, References and Revelations: Redemption Song

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

This is the sixth Rants, Reference and Revelations; let’s begin. 

Somebody reading this has been affected by drug use. BasketBloggers, Twitter Personalities — our lives aren’t as simple as the sentences we formulate into paragraphs and pieces. No, our circumstance beyond the Matrix (Internet) aren’t so simple — Life doesn’t come equipped with an Edit Profile option.

I’ve found that most who are in recovery, or just refusing to throw coal into the engine until the train is back on track, speak confidently about their sobriety. It’s never something that’s boasted over, or used to belittle, others — it’s -just- confidence. But this confidence is seen in addicts who will lie, scheme and manipulate to attain the next fix. Former NBA Player Chris Herren, at one point in his life, has been fluent in both tongues.

For all the Hipsters out there, whining, thinking I’m milking the narrative — shut it.

This one is about a week dated, but it came to my attention yesterday — Herren tells a shorter version of his tale the world came to know after the release of ESPN’s Documentary, Unguarded. Whether you’ve never touched a mind altering substance, or you are reading this under the influence — Herren’s story of addiction and recovery is remarkable. Relate to it however you can.

The Bucks are 6-22, and owner Herb Kohl is still searching for investors for a new arena. But the city of Milwaukee and the NBA has a relationship that’s, well, it’s on the fritz.  Don’t quote me on that, I’m not completely sure. But that’s what should worry Bucks fans. I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, and believe me — I’ve been to Wisconsin. There is nothing that resembles even a remote presence of a Milwaukee Bucks fan-base in a bordering state. There’s probably more Green Bay Packer fans in this state than there are fans of the Minnesota Vikings. But I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a Bucks loyalist in the Twin Cities. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen one. Not one.

This isn’t because of an overwhelming “ever-so-dominant” Minnesota Timberwolves franchise, either. The Wolves inaugural season was 1989-1990 — I was born March 2nd, 1990. Dating back to the day I was born neither the Bucks nor Timberwolves have won an NBA Championship, they haven’t even come close. But, and call us foolish, writers -and fans- such as myself with the Wolves and Eric Buenning (pronounced Benning) behind the Bucks still find reasons to hope and believe in our teams. Buenning shows his large heart, far bigger than mine or any of ours at this point in the season, in his piece, “For the Bucks, hope is a good thing”. Buenning also shows us he’s a realist, because in Milwaukee — the only place to go is up.

For Buenning’s sake, let’s just hope it’s not up, up and away in the end for the Bucks.


  • Hickory-High’s own, ANDREW KOO, was published in Deadspin yesterday talking about something called baseball. There are a lot of statistics, numbers and references to a movie with Mark Wahlberg in here — but in all seriousness, this is a fantastic piece. Any baseball mind, or someone just looking to catchup on what happens after the end of feature film, Moneyball, will enjoy this piece. We are very proud of you, Mr. Koo.
  • There’s somewhat of a panic in Minnesota, one could argue. Ricky Rubio’s zero-point performance against the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this week, in addition to the Wolves giving away the game late in the fourth-quarter, and into overtime, has stirred up a ruckus in here in the North Star State. I believe Daniel Lewis has something coming today regarding Rubio’s shooting; I’m very eager to read it.
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