Rants, References and Revelations: On Holiday

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

The fortunate part of being sick over the holiday break? Having the time off to recover.

But as I slept, others worked. After all: Basketball Never Stops.

Before you get into these, please — if you missed our Profiles in Coaching, catch up, because the guys did a phenomenal job (to say the least)

Profiles in Coaching. 

Now for the RRR’s

This first piece was brought to my attention by fellow Hickory-High contributor, Andrew Johnson. Now, it’s not pertaining to the NBA, this is analysis from a European perspective on Euro League basketball. It’s a remarkable study determining the location of turnovers. Those who enjoy advanced statistics, or are maybe looking some ideas for on-the-side player tracking ideas — this is Johnson’s Christmas gift to you. Click the link to this piece. “For a basketball event so important as the turnover, we know too little about it. Here is an attempt to change that.”

It’s Christmas Day, the first quarter between the Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets just ended — these jerseys are; interesting, to say the least. The Bulls starting Point Guard is D.J. Augustine. In this first piece, Phil Watson of HoopsHabit claims Augustine’s arrival in Chicago is “A Case Of Right Place, Right Time”. Don’t worry; this article doesn’t claim anyone is taking the place of Derrick Rose, but, as a guy who liked Augustine coming out of college (yea, I’m a fan of the short guys) it’s nice to see someone taking an optimistic outlook on his arrival to the Windy City.

This is from the 23rd, and it’s Sacramento Kings coach Mike Malone with some “choice words” on his team’s performance. The Kings allowed 39 fourth-quarter points to the visiting New Orleans Pelicans, and yes, they would lose. Malone touches on leadership, a will-to-win, and the return of Tyreke Evans to Sacramento, he isn’t very happy about his teams’ effort. This one is a video, not an article, so if you’re still dizzy from the eggnog and don’t feel like readingthis is the rant for you.

Playing the hometown bias card, HoopsHabit makes the list again. Not too long ago I wrote a piece on how Ricky Rubio’s shooting is just a bigger issue than number is a box score. Well in Edmond Stoer’s piece, “Ricky Rubio And The Ghost Of Christmases Yet To Come,” he explains a team often takes on the personality of it’s starting point guard, and for the Minnesota Timberwolves, that’s not very good news. Stoer expresses the importance of the reindeer remainder of the season for Rubio and the Wolves, and how the ghost of Christmas future may not be so forgiving in Minnesota.


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