Rants, References and Revelations: Casual Friday

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

Rants, References and Revelations is a daily collection of some of our favorite basketball writing from around the internet. We do our best to feature not just the work of the semi-professionals, but writers you may not have heard of, writing for outlets you may have never seen.

Because of time constraints, here’s the good stuff. 

While you guys bickered with one-another, writing recaps, previews and narratives trying to hustle pageviews from the public — Jacob Greenberg was diligently working.

Mandela, the NBA and Manicuring Memory. 

That’s Greenberg on Mandela, one for the ages at TheDiss. He crushed it. “A-Work”. 

This one is from Kenny Ducey. Yes, it’s about the New York Knicks. No, it does not destroy them. But it may make you laugh, although that isn’t the intention. Ducey searches the depths of advanced metrics trying to find answers, and he needs too — the Knicks are a joke. But here’s someone attempting to solve a problem while else everyone laughs at the question.

Nine-year veteran could hold New York down until injuries heal.

Sorry Ducey and fellow optimists, but here’s Seth Rosenthal on one of the best Knicks recaps of the year. (Just couldn’t help myself)

But Knicks fans aren’t the only ones “with all of the sadz.” Fans of the Chicago Bulls, because of the injury to Derrick Rose and it’s potential repercussions, have also gone into a depressive state.

But which fans have it worse?

@ZacharyBD Knicks fans, easy. Never got a Derrick Rose, a season like 2010-2011.

— Seerat Sohi (@DamianTrillard) December 20, 2013

.@ZacharyBD @DamianTrillard I don’t think one group really has it better or worse. Knicks will spend a lot, but do so stupidly.

— Kevin Ferrigan (@NBAcouchside) December 20, 2013

Not much else, should be lots of Kobe Bryant stuff out there today. Also, catch up on Coaches Week. 


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