Rants, References and Revelations: Casual Enjoyment

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

Rants, References and Revelations is a daily collection of some of our favorite basketball writing from around the internet. We do our best to feature not just the work of the semi-professionals, but writers you may not have heard of, writing for outlets you may have never seen.

I worked at an Applebee’s through my early 20’s and late teens, waiting tables and eventually becoming a tender to the bar. That’s when life was easy. An average day was ignoring obligations through lunch, and waking up after noon with just enough time to scarf down a burger before work.

I caught glimpses of highlights, headlines and bloopers when I wasn’t clearing dishes or pouring beer. Work was the place that sports were everywhere I looked, but only for minutes at a time. The game was always so close, yet so far.

I work in a mall now and usually have plenty of free time to read and write. But yesterday was different, after all, people shop during the holidays. Anyway, to make my point.

I glanced at things throughout the day, but never fully indulged in them until I got home after my shift. Take the time to fully appreciate the following, it’s great work.

First, yesterday’s meeting between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Portland Trail Blazers was a great game — for Wolves fans. I’ll spare you the homer-favored details, and the rah-rah recap of last night’s victory over the Trail Blazers. But if you saw, or heard about, some of how the game went. Minnesota scored a franchise high 72 points-in-the-paint. Did they slow down the pace? Britt Robson is very, very good at what he does. This was published yesterday at MinnPost prior to the Wolves victory over Portland. Underachieving Wolves should raise their focus and slow their pace.

Almost anything pertaining to the Sacramento Kings has been about either Rudy Gay, or Derrick Williams. But the diamond in the rough story is really Isaiah Thomas. After Greivis Vasquez arrived in Sacramento Thomas played as if he was fighting for a job, or something. Michael Malone, a defensive mind, may have been reluctant to start the 5-foot 8-inch lefty from Washington. After the Kings acquired Williams, and shortly after Gay, roster reformation left Little I.T. to guide this team of castaways as best he can.

The King Shall Rise ——– it’s by Esau Howard and tells the some of this King’s tale at The SportsFan Journal.

I don’t keep up with the drama in New York as avidly as people in New York think I probably do. Although I guess I’m on the bandwagon with these recaps, just don’t make me write about the Knicks. It seems miserable. For the rookies at home, Kevin Udwary is a veteran — you can tell by reading this recap. His ability to stick to the recap structure is something that not only do I dislike, but ignore frequently. Hats are off this season to the folks at KnickerbloggerDOTnet. 

Knicks: Something, Bucks: Something Slightly Less

You may have seen J.R. Smith, well, being himself and tweeting out his thoughts as if he were one of us. But if you didn’t, you can’t imagine how it went.

This wasn’t only the comical story about the Knicks. Andrea Bargnani’s off the hook for his ill-advised attempt that would have easily been the focus of a hysterical Knicks recap, it doesn’t mean we couldn’t laugh at his expense after the game.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.07.30 PM

I don’t know why, but this doesn’t anger me. What about you? Picturing this happening really, really had me enjoying a laugh.

Omer Asik remains a Rocket.

Nobody’s Bullying Anybody

Catchup on Hickory-High’s Coaches Week, there’s more of that coming later on today.

One more day until Friday.



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