Episode 21: A Man at the Scene (BONUS PLUGS WITHIN)

(Photo Credit: David Sherman — www.davidshermanphoto.com)

Again, John Meyer and I found ourselves in the studio, without our fearless leader for another episode of the Break the Huddle show. Yet, fear not listeners — Billy Bohl was able to join us via cellular device by calling us from outside of the Target Center. So, without delay, let’s get to plugging our products, shall we?

GO AND DOWNLOAD THE NEWEST, Break the Huddle Show, PODCAST ON ITUNES. We don’t intend to be pushy, however, the podcast downloads are essential to, not only the show’s success, but also to that of the entire Sizzlin’ 99.9 network.

The live broadcast recorded from — live — inside the Sizzlin’ studio last night may be found at the bottom of this post. (But remember to download the podcast =]]])

We started things off with the formalities and got Billy on the horn right away to discuss last night’s matchup between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Milwaukee Bucks. Why? Because, why not? We had our own reporter on the scene to give us the most recent updates from the Wolves locker room. Why was he at the game? To RECAP it, of course.

If the lowly Bucks, owners of the worst record in basketball (now 13-51), didn’t have the Timberwolves’ full attention prior to tip-off, they certainly did when their 12th consecutive shot found the bottom of the net to start the game. By the midway point of the first quarter, each of Milwaukee’s five starters had recorded a field goal and the team held a nine-point advantage. Guards Nate Wolters and Brandon Knight led the charge – between the two of them, they were responsible for the Bucks’ first seven buckets. Center Zaza Pachulia had 4 1st quarter assists, en route to 10 for the night (a career high).

You can check out Billy’s recap of the victory over the Bucks by clicking this link.

We also talked a little about the disconnect between Ricky Rubio and Rick Adelman, a discussion that stemmed from a Punch-Drunk Wolves column mentioned in the most, “Around the Interwebs,” post. From there, John and I were on our own……again.

Early Tuesday morning, Flip Saunders appeared with Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio and the two spoke briefly on a number of topics. With the news that former coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers’, Phil Jackson, pairing up for a front-office position with the New York Knicks almost a certainty, Cowherd asked the Wolves President of Basketball Operations what life was like when making the transition from being a head coach into a position with more player/personnel responsibility.

I transcribed most of the interview between Saunders and Cowherd over at Howlin’ T-Wolf, another place I’ll be writing about the Timberwolves moving forward. Flip spoke about the future of Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, and talked a little bit about educating people about the NBA, and how players are involved in their communities. This conversation sparking after Minnesota State Representative, Pat Garofalo, sent out a tweet that seemed to insinuate he has a misguided perception about the NBA, and it’s players.

You have to educate the people. When people are educated on what our players do, and how active they are in their community. (Even) Individually, on their own — I know a lot of players go out to hostels and get involved with St. Jude (A Childrens Hospital), that’s a big thing for us this month.

You just have to educate the people and understand that they have to realize that, many times, perception is not reality. We’ve got players that do a lot of positive things in the community. – Flip Saunders

Read some of the transcribed interview by clicking this link. Check out the FULL interview from the ESPN.com page by clicking THIS link.While we’re here, I’m just going to plug something else.

John mentioned it briefly on the show, yesterday, but I published an article over at Hickory-High last Friday titled “Lacking an Alpha.” Over at Hickory-High, by using some of the newfound, available statistical data (If you’re unfamiliar with SportVU there’s a two-part series that was plugged in the aforementioned, Around the Interwebs, column that can teach you much, much more. Here’s Part One, and Part Two) I tried to determine why the Wolves play so well during the first three quarters, yet somehow, in some fashion, deteriorate in late game situations.

When the fourth quarter arrives; the Wolves pace rating significantly decreases — and in clutch situations — there has been very production from Rubio, J.J. Barea, and Kevin Love; perhaps the team is missing a leader.

Those sovereign few who are able to rise above peers are held to higher expectations because of their elevated status within that particular faction, or social group. No crowd, swarm, or rabble of humans have ever assembled to orchestrate a successful rebellion or necessary course of action against an opposing force without some form of leadership. Leaders are hard to come by, whereas followers are omnipresent. Yet, because great power begets great responsibility, I find it fair to assume that there are those capable of being on the forefront of a revolution, or even simply spearheading a simple group-oriented task, who are fearful of a leadership role and the duties that go along with it.

Read “Lacking an Alpha” by clicking this link.

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