Episode 15: Who is the Least Likeable Timberwolf

If you missed Episode 15, have no fear. You can subscribe and download our podcast by clicking here. 

We hosted our first annual ‘Least Likeable Timberwolf’ competition. This may be the only time we ever do this, or it might not be, we’re not quite sure yet. Maybe we’ll do it again 5 years down the road. Anyway, here were the matchups:

(Note: We did not include J.J. Barea but he may find himself in the next competition by way of popular vote)


Draft Pick Dud Division:
1. Jonny Flynn vs 8. Felton Spencer
2. Wesley Johnson vs 7. Derrick Williams
3. Rashad McCants vs 6. William Avery
4. Ndudi Ebi vs. 5. J.R. Rider


Disappointing Acquisition Division:
1. Darko Milicic vs 8. Michael Beasley
2. Christian Laettner vs 7. Michael Olowokandi
3. Stephon Marbury vs 6. Ricky Davis
4. Marko Jaric vs 5. Troy Hudson


There were various perspectives and disagreements, but mostly it was smooth sailing as we eliminated our least favorite Timberwolves of all-time. You can download the Break the Huddle Show Podcast. Or, you can watch the tournament madness in it’s entirety from in video recorded, live, in the Sizzlin’ 99.9 studio.


Watch live streaming video from thepublicstation at livestream.com



On behalf of John, Billy, and Myself, thank you for listening — we hope you’ll join us again on Tuesday!


Miss the preview for Episode 15? Fear not, click here. 

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