Billy’s Back, GIF’s and Plenty More…

Billy Bohl, dubbed by me as our fearless leader, returns to his post at the Break the Huddle Show, today. He’s been away from the studio for the previous two weeks, but Bohl joined us via cellular device from the Target Center, last Tuesday. If you missed last week’s show…..

*cues promo.

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We’ll start the show as we always do and recap the previous week of Minnesota Timberwolves news, rumors, and discuss trying to take optimistic viewpoints (…) about the remainder of the season. Later, we’ll be joined via telephone by Kirk Henderson. Henderson is the editor of Mavs Outsider Report and Mavs Moneyball. You guessed it; we’re going to ask Henderson about tomorrow’s matchup between the Dallas Mavericks and the Timberwolves. He’ll teach us a thing or two about the Mavs, I’m sure, too.

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Which one of the following GIF’s is your favorite?

CAN SOMEBODY come over here and get this guy! – JOEY C.

Wilson Chandler says F it, jumps over Chris Paul.

Wilson Chandler says F it, jumps over Chris Paul.

Former Timberwolf GERALD GREEN gives rookie Mason Plumlee the business.

Andray Blatche proves Alex Len is still not ready for the NBA. Focus young rook!

Andray Blatche proves Alex Len is still not ready for the NBA. Focus young rook!

Knicks Coach Mike Woodson doing, something.

Knicks Coach Mike Woodson doing….something.

More of Woodson doing something

More of Woodson doing something

Wook at John Lucas throwing wittle punches DOHAWWWWWW

Wook at John Lucas throwing wittle punches DOHAWWWWWW

We’ll announce our GIF of the week sometime during the show. This is something new that we are doing. It is supposed to be fun, and I have a feeling it will be. Well…..while we’re here I’ll share a few more plugs.

If you missed Billy’s recap of Wolves-Bucks last week, you may go back and read it, at your leisure, by clicking this link. It was included in our recap of Episode 21 (Miss it? Click here). Sure, we’re going to talk about the Wolves loss to the Charlotte Bobcats, but, we’d be crazy to go in depth with it! The show is merely an hour long! We know how much information you thirst for, so Billy’s got everyone covered, again. Timberwolves 93, Bobcats 105: Fire and Nice

Rick Adelman, employing both diplomacy and rationalization, is fond of speaking well of the opposition in his post-game pressers, which is somewhat expected, yet tiresome all the same. No salvos are fired inward, no matter how warranted they may be. Kevin Love had some sharp words for J.J. Barea and Dante Cunningham awhile back, but that was the closest thing we’ve had to a fiery, public confrontation.

Read the recap in it’s entirety by clicking this link. Meanwhile, elsewhere over the weekend.

Yes, it’s true. I became infatuated with the Minnesota State Boys High School basketball tournament over the weekend; it was very entertaining.

Won’t take too long. Both state semifinals were decided at the final buzzer, but the first of two games on Saturday evening took four overtimes to decide. The Hopkins Royals decided to play ‘stall ball,’ a tactic once used in the 1950’s against the Minneapolis Lakers, at the end of regulation — igniting a debate on whether or not the MSHSL should implement a shot clock at the high school level. Luck Favors the Deserving

The Hopkins Royals, ranked as one of the top-50 high school teams in the country according to MaxPreps, remained tied with the Shakopee Sabres, 41-41, with 2:49 remaining to play in the game. Kamali Chambers, a Hopkins senior, began dribbling just ahead of half court while the Sabres refused to move out of the compact zone that had given the Royals trouble throughout the evening. Under the instruction from his renowned coach, Kevin Novak, Chambers remained stationary just over the half-court line.

Read the piece in it’s entirety by clicking this link. 


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